The Kingmaker Contest

The Kingmaker Contest: The Source of Magic Part One

Website Exclusive: Prologue

Something woke Theo before the sun—perhaps it was a bad dream he’d already forgot. He couldn’t sleep, and wandered from his bed chamber into the dark corridors of the palace. Light was coming from Losik’s partially open chamber, but when Theo pushed inside Losik wasn’t there.

In the center of the chamber was a huge trunk. It meant Losik was leaving for Ironhead. Theo smiled. He had a brilliant idea. Without brainstorming it further, he opened the trunk, pulled piles of clothes from inside, and shoved the clothes under Losik’s bed.

Theo hopped in the trunk and shifted around, finding a place amongst the garments. He pulled some of the clothes over himself and evaluated his hiding place. It would never work. Theo was lean, but still cramped in the small space. And he’d taken so much clothing out, Losik was sure to notice.

“The trunk is in my chambers,” said Losik from the doorway. “I expect it loaded onto my carriage before I arrive.”

“Yes sir,” said one of the palace servants.

Theo stayed still, but he wasn’t sure whether that was due to fear or resolve. The lid closed and the trunk lifted from the ground. It slowly sunk in: he was leaving the palace. For the first time in his life, he was going to be outside the walls.

Part one of an EPIC series

Although whale oil and muskets have replaced torches and swords, an ancient way of thinking still prevails. Men kill other men for the entertainment of thousands and a chance to be king, but does a god control the outcome? While armored soldiers fight blood magic warriors, she secretly seeks to manipulate those who truly influence the world.

Theo couldn’t imagine the consequences when he stowed away. His freedom from Losik wasn’t worth war, but he didn’t know magical forces were waiting for him. His empathic power lies untapped, but the rage and terror inside him can obliterate the Drasque Empire—if war doesn’t first.

Christmas Stories

The Only Christmas Tree in Space


What would you do if you only had one more Christmas to spend with your father? Would you risk everything to make one last memory?

Becoming Santa


How does Santa deliver all those presents in one night?

Hint: There might not be just one.

The Expanding Story

What's an Expanding Story?


An expanding story starts out small—like a short story—but it continues to grow, getting longer as more readers purchase and finish. The first expansion only requires one reader to unlock, but each subsequent addition requires a growing number of readers. Like the length, the price also starts small—$.99—and will grow until it is complete—$9.99—so getting in early will get you a full book for a slim price.

How Does it Work?


Once you’ve finished, email the unique address at the end of the story. When enough readers have emailed, the new part will be updated into the original e-book, making all future portions free to those who’ve purchased. Please enjoy and participate in these unique experiences.

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After finding a book in the sand, you are transported into a game where you don’t know the rules and there is no escape but to complete its quests.

(Expansion 1)



Having a roommate is hard enough, but when they're a mad scientist it can be deadly.

(Expansion 1)

Beware the Beasts


When powerful beast attack in the middle of the night and a mysterious agency stops them, but can the agents be trusted?

The Traveling Salesman


He has perfect hair, a perfect smile, and a perfect way to murder.

The Booth


Automated healthcare booths were installed nearly a decade ago. They are finally getting an upgrade and we are not going to like it.

More Upcoming

Pulsars and Plunder: Orion


Orion is taken across the galaxy as a captive of rival pirates to meet the the legendary and deadly Bella. But Bella is looking for more that just another member of her crew. 

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